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  1. Dread, stop reposting that crap and read the thread. Astrophizz: "It seems that since "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" doesn't have an effect unless "Always show dialog on manual add", the Preferences should say something about it, or it should be fixed so that it does something without the other option being toggled." You should take your own advice. (Im talking about your forum signature.)
  2. just tried on a x64 os, (windows 7) Still have the problem.
  3. Tried that but o luck here :/ I did a correct install via uTorrent updating itself. Widows 7 x86
  4. Cant apply *manual* upload limits here. IE. This torrent keeps on spiking from the limit up to more than the limit. it isnt much over in this image but i keep pegging it at 200kb/s