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  1. I have that "end of file" error too.
  2. I can confirm that bug too. All files in torrent are downloaded, no matter what is checked. Even in the newest 28431 build.
  3. "Always show dialog on manual add" option is missing in 3.0?
  4. I don't know is this already reported. When I double click on .torrent file it opens uTorrent, but the torrent is not loaded in uTorrent, and i must load it manually. Cheers.
  5. For me it's not OK to start download all torrent content without user custom selection.
  6. Ok, i fixed it. I knew I should have checked the both options: "Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent" and "Always show dialog on manual add", but the second one was "hard" to find . For all, "Always show dialog on manual add" option is located in Preferences > Directories .
  7. Аlthough the option is enabled, it does not appear and i can't choose which files i like to download, and which not when i adding new torrent :S