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  1. Was using Firefox 3.something and now it's 4.0.1 - The double clicking on the file does cycle through the priorities, so thanks for that tip. I do like the Linux server version over the Win version under wine as it appears to connect nearly instantly to seeds and peers and the download speed seems to be much faster. I wish I could say the same for the upload speed as it seems to be slower even if I'm not downloading.
  2. Utorrent Server build 25053 was working quite well until I upgraded from Ubuntu 10.10 to 11.04 and now I can no longer change priority, and some incomplete downloads which had portions marked "Don't Download" cannot be changed. Has anyone else encountered this and is there a way to fix it?
  3. Firon wrote: "And yellow means indeterminate. It doesn't mean the port is blocked." I've been giving this statement some thought, and although I agree, I would like to know if that means that the uTorrent Port test is ALSO indeterminate. IF, the port test is in fact a certainty, then it would appear that, in my case at least, there was a period of time after the initial startup of uTorrent that the port was being blocked. As I am using a router and the port is enabled permanently in the routers settings it would appear that the blocking is coming from some other source, and I have no other software running to perform such. I'm just curious to understand this more clearly as the problem has seemed to have ceased, but I'm still wondering why this has ONLY occurred with the 1.7 Beta and no previous version or build including the initially installed 1.7 beta build 1065?
  4. Firon: I'll wait a little longer as it seems changes are taking place pretty frequently right now. Yellow may be indeterminate, but the fact that the "Test if port is forwarded properly" said it was not made me feel that it was going to remain yellow. I had left it run for quite a while with no change while all the other versions/builds came up green nearly instantly.
  5. Firon: I am currently back to Ver 1.6.1 Build 490, which when I check for updates says there is no new version available. I had attempted to run the new Ver 1.7 Beta Build 1065, I believe that was the build number I first installed, but it had a problem with Low Bandwidth Allocation remaining checked, which I found was cleared in build 1111. When I installed Build 1111 (V1.7) I could no longer make incoming connections, (Yellow triangle), and I could find no settings changed from the previous build of 1.7 which was making incoming connections. I have no firewall, and don't use UPnP, so being unable to reconcile the problem I went back to Ver 1.6.1 until I can find out why my port appears blocked in ver 1.7. But that only happened with build 1111, and not with the previous build.
  6. I just installed the 1.7 Beta and notice that all my torrents show a check mark along both High and Low when I view Bandwidth Allocation. Previous to the upgrade all my torrent but one were marked as Normal, with one I am seeding marked as High. It was seeding quite slowly which is why I checked the Bandwidth Allocation and noticed this and checking all my non running torrents displayed the same double check marks. edit: It appears that no matter what I try to set the Low remains checked. edit2: Never mind, I found the fix and installed build 1111 and it's fine now.