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  1. I need Help! My utorrent was working alright, until i tweaked it with a few changes on this thread. Now i cannot connect to many seeds/peers. I can connect to a few, maybe <20 per torrent. But it wont download from them. I get download speeds of 5kb/s to 7kb/s now. I have Reset all the changes back to what they were before, but it doesnt work, still not working well. I tried uninstalling utorrent, with all settings deleted, then reinstalling, but still the same situation. I am using XP SP3 I tried downloading the popular torrents, with plenty of seeds/peers, but still the same result. Now im trying utorrent 2.2.1, but still very slow download speeds. The trackers are working. I have a 1mbps connection, & im sure that this has nothing to do with ISP throttling. Can anyone help me? Additional info: I have set more halfopen using lvlord patch I have forwarded ports The green icon is on, "working as it should" I can connect to about 10 seeds. all 100%, but none allowing me to download (flag: small d) Torrents that usually download at max speed, now download at 5kb/s, including popular TV-series torrents. There are plenty of seeds on the torrent, yet i am not downloading.
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