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  1. i think it's one of 2 options:1. i think there is a problem when there is not. 2. u dont understand that the user who use this ver are in a big problem = bann. what they (me too) should do? say to the owner of the site to ignore it, just like that?
  2. well, u can see here: http://nordic-t.org/index.php and here too: http://www.torrent-damage.net/index.php i cant cover all site who post same announcement. but it's a broblem that the programer need to refer to. (?)
  3. well, it must be fix inside the client. (formal fixed release) because, no private site will check every client to see if it fix.
  4. im using ver 1.7.2. there is more: they add ver 1.7.2 too. anyhow, is there bug fix release for this problem? or going to fix it?
  5. meaning? need to download the same ver again? or to change it myself? (where and how?) and if i do it, is the trackers will accept it and 'mark' my client as good?
  6. is anyone got this announcement on a private site? ================================================================= # 2007-07-18 - µTorrent Ver. 1.7 *update* Due to a bug in µTorrent version 1.7 and in 1.7.1, this client has been banned from the site. Please download 1.7.2 and use that instead. You can download this from here. The concerns regarding this client have been resolved, and further information will be posted in the dedicated thread in the Forums. The previous version 1.6.1 will still be supported on our site. ================================================================== what is all about? what kind of a bug? is it going to be fix?
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