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  1. The red X (Remove) is enabled only at incomplete torrents (it's grey and I can't click on it). But I can right click on torrent, and then select remove. It says disk overloaded 100% too often, almost always, I don't unrar or do something else (virus scan, windows update) in the bckgrnd, I didn't change the settings in the advanced menu (only peer.resolve_country). The HDD LED blinks rarely. I use Win XP SP3, the HDD is a WDC WD5000AAKB-00H8A0, it connected via Parallel ATA, if it is important, but there is no problem like this with uTorrent 2.0.3 uTorrent.exe not always exits when I exit uTorrent. It is still in the running processes. I see, the files multiselect is fixed now. BTW: What does blue lines (the color of the letters are blue) mean in peerlist? edit: it leaks memory, there are no torrents running and no apps are installed, uTorrents costs 250MB now.
  2. In the desktop client in the files tab, I can't select multiple files like ctrl+a, ctrl+shift+up and down arrows or page down or up, or just simply ctrl+click It works with uTorrent 2.0.3 and older.
  3. is it run on Mono? edit: nice fuscating BTW edit2: I tested it and it does not work under mono: Uploaded with ImageShack.us It runs but nothing happens, a GUI window should appear, like this: Uploaded with ImageShack.us