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    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi again! Seems like there is also an issue with the "Status" column. I can't seem to get it to sort (aka. group by "Seeding", "Finished", "Paused" or "Downloading"). Running the latest uTorrent 3.0 build.
  2. MaxP2P

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi! I can't seem to be able to set upload/download rates on individual torrents in WebUI. Is this a known bug? If I go into the properties of a torrent, and set say, 50 kB/s on "Maximum upload rate", and then press OK, nothing happends. Going into the properties again for the same torrent, I see that the value I just set is back to 0. Using Chrome 11.0.696.71, but same results in IE9 also.
  3. MaxP2P

    µTorrent WebUI

    Hi! I love your work, and use the WebUI daily. One thing that I miss the most from the "normal" client, is the ability to get error messages coming from the trackers. What I mean is that even when a torrent gets deleted from a tracker, it still shows up as a green arrow in the WebUI. But if you check in the uTorrent client, it actually shows a red arrow, indicating that there is something wrong. Is it hard to implement trackers more extensivly, than simply in the "Properties" part of a torrent? In short: Would love to see a "Trackers" tab, like you have in the normal client, with the current tracker status displayed. And also that the torrent icon truly reflects if everything is "green" or not. Thank you for all your hard work! Happy New Year!