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  1. I have the feeling that some menu points were switched with the newest version. Under File the first option used to be "Add torrent", now it's "Save default skin colors". That's annoying. I click on file and then on the first menu option to add a new torrent, but nothing happens. Well, of course not, there is another (unnecessary?) option. Could you please change that back to the way it was?
  2. No. If it had reached that ratio, it would have been deleted automatically by µTorrent. Current ratio is - for example - 0.924 and ETA is empty.
  3. I did. Preferences -> Queueing -> minimum ratio (%) is set to 150, so it stops at 1,5 ratio. Minimum seeding time is set to 0.
  4. In Queue -> minimum seed rate? Then yes. I found no other option. (sorry if my options are a little bit off, i translated them freely into english)
  5. Hello, if I remember correctly µTorrent 2 showed a time in the "remaining" column after finishing the download and starting to seed. So one knew how much time remained till the condition for the removal of the torrent (at the current speed) was left. I'd like to have that (back) in this version. tl;dr: can we have a time remaining for seeding torrents?