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  1. Upon opening 3.3 (28164), it lags and hangs off and on as it's loading up all of my torrents (~2000, a couple of which are queued to be checked due to a 3.2 crash). Not sure how to help debug why it's going non-responsive on me...
  2. Yeah, I run a 4GB cache in uTorrent now. Gotta love 64bit. EDIT: Although 3.1 is looking pretty nice...
  3. I'm getting a similar crash as darkmax. Any error logs or something I can post to help out?
  4. Thanks for uTorrent! I was (still am for a while as I slowly transition over) a long-time, hardcore Azureus user. However, after being tired of Az taking ages to start, crashing from time to time, and using 150-200MB of RAM (not that I really cared, I have 2GB of RAM), I finally decided to switch over. The GUI will definitely take some getting used to, but with the CPU usage is way down as is the stress (I think) on my poor, overworked hard drive.