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    µTorrent WebUI

    I had the same issue. It was indeed due to a new RSS feed had added with an embedded control character. The gui was effectively hung up so I couldn't fix it that way. I couldn't find anything I could do to the server and hand editing the rss.dat file was unsuccessful. So to repair the damage without having to reenter all the flters and paths again I just copied the rss.dat to a windows utorrent directory(in my case running under wine), deleted the bad feed via utorrent, and copied the repaired rss.dat back to the utserver directory. I hope it is as easy for you.
  2. gargamon

    µTorrent WebUI

    Wow. This is great. Less than 24 hours after finding this I've fully converted including my linux running wine with windows uTorrent client to linux uTorrent server 3.0 with webapi 0.385, including the RSS feeds with filters. Great work all of you. I do miss a couple of minor things however. Most important is to have the "Only move from the default download directory" flag available in the GUI, or an alternative way to change it. I'd also really like to be able to see if I have incoming connections without checking the flags for my peers. The windows client had an indicator at the bottom. Is there a way in this GUI to test your incoming port to see if it is open? Thanlks