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  1. Stuck at 99.9% bug happens even when my HDD is doing nothing (idle). When this happens, you can't even exit utorrent, it will stay in process list until you kill it. I've created a dump after I closed utorrent with 99.9% bug and it was still in process list: Click
  2. Yeah, my torrents stuck at 99.9% too as of build 26495. Have to restart utorrent to finish downloading...
  3. I have received an invite, but I can't register: Edit: Got it working by changing language on the page from Russian to English...
  4. uTorrent 3.0 stable constantly freezes while downloading torrents.
  5. There's a huge bug with columns, which makes streaming feature unusable. When you enable/disable (may be also reorder) some columns (for me it happens when I disable "#" column, also happened with "Health" column before), buttons in "Playback" column may become invisible/unclickable.
  6. RC with streaming being completely not functional last few weeks? Are you even aware of it being broken? (screenshot
  7. Streaming is broken once again in last two builds at least (streaming button not clickable and invisible when torrent is selected). Also torrents sorting is broken is latest build (you can only sort by one column).
  8. Streaming seems to work now, but "Stream" button still acts weird: 1) sometimes you can't start streaming when you have half of the file downloaded, 2) sometimes it shows time equal to ETA time etc...
  9. Streaming still completely broken. Btw where is "Force streaming" context menu option gone?
  10. Same there. Streaming is broken in latest build.
  11. Latest build is crashing for me every time I click "Force Streaming" item in file's context menu. Where I can get older builds? P.S. hxxp://<build_number>.upx.exe doesn't work anymore...
  12. Any idea why I can't open this torrent file: ? uTorrent says "Unable to open "filename": invalid torrent file!""
  13. I have weird bug with new streaming feature: pieces just stuck while downloading and will not continue until I close player (VLC). It makes whole streaming feature not usable atm.
  14. Thanks for new build. Was running whole night without crashes
  15. Few crash dumps from build 20355