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  1. Torrents are mostly files' date=' and do not go POOF from the HD. You can always try and auto-load them.[/quote'] Ugh, catching me out on my wording... You know what I mean. The list of torrents have gone. Hopefully the torrent files are saved as to reload them back in. 1. POOF is fine. I understood what you meant. 2. I have a resume.dat.old but it is 2 minutes older than resume.dat. I also have a resume.dat in a utorrent backup folder from 5/23/11. Is there a way to merge what is in those two files? 3. How would I go about "autoloading" old torrents? FYI, I have often saved them to locations other than the default location that is referenced in the Preferences-Directories. 4. I have a folder \utorrent\resume_dir with 763 *.dat files. A quick look at these files in wordpad seems to show they have torrent information in them. Can I use those to reload somehow?
  2. I can't seem to paste a screenshot. I currently have in the category list: Torrents (28) Downloading (0) Seeding(16) Completed (28) Active (2) Inactive (26) I assume you are saying that I should click on the "Torrents (28)". Is that correct?
  3. My torrent list went from over 1000 to 8 while I was away last week. The torrents are all still in my completed torrent folder. Any ideas?
  4. The crash caused only when the confirmation window is active. If i disable the UI Options > Show a window that displays the files inside the torrent in advance mode the torrent works just fine and its a simple workaround until this crash is fixed This worked for me. I am using Windows 7 Professional SP 1 x64.
  5. After running for a few days (Win 7 x64). 1) I turned off the antivirus because it bogged everything down (790 torrents). 2) I'm getting the same transcoder error every 2 secs. (TranscodeController Port not set). 3) I get a momentary "not responding message" sometimes when I try to perform some action. I'm guessing it may be busy with something like the transcode error at the instant I try to perform the action. 4) When I have tried to move a torrent using the Advanced - Set Download location function the file relocates but the download location doesn't update on the screen until I exit and restart the program. 5) The Download torrents folder has the torrents I am downloading and about 100 more. The extra torrents are those that I have chosen to only download a portion of the files in the full torrent. These files are also not showing in the Completed torrents section.
  6. The known issue post you are referring to shows "Last edited by AdamK (2011-06-21 21:27:38". Can we get an updated list? For those having this trouble you can select files if the file list is sorted by "First Piece." It's not ideal when you have a long list of files but it will allow you to select files.
  7. Can we get any guidance on when the next fix will come for this? It sure seems like updates to this and the 32-bit version have stalled since you announced utorrent Plus. When you announced that you said the other versions would not be left behind. Is that still the case?
  8. When I sort by Save Directory it sorts by Name instead. Any thoughts? Is there a known issues list for this? Is there any way to search an individual thread? I would like to have searched this thread for other reports of this issue. At 400+ entries it is just too long to read through it all.
  9. I've got build 25329. I have it set to automatically check for updates but it has not updated to 25422. When I go to Help - Check for updates I get an message that no new versions available at this time. Any thoughts?
  10. I've been using the same build, 25329, since it was released. I also have a problem with the search button in the category list but not the search button in the toolbar. I also have trouble with selecting individual files and when I try to select multiple files as otherneo reports but it is not consistent. I've tried seeing if I can find circumstances that make it consistently selectable or not. A couple of things that I think I'm seeing. I don't seem to have trouble with torrents with a finished status. Seeding torrents and downloading torrents seem to have more difficulties. It seems to help if I chose to sort the individual files by the first piece.