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  1. uTorrent 3.0 Alpha feedback sorry for such LONG forthcoming post , just thought to highlight some things that i personally wished to see changed and/or rolled back in one of the next releases. yes i know it's alpha, but still. well, this is one of positive builds that i currently silently test/use/getting used to (underline needed), still, while keeping positive approval silence about good additions (options, mostly), i count some features were missed or plainly bad. ok, rolling: tab Files, context menu. ok, there are some changes: Force streaming - with properly set streaming option (player) it works fine. not bad. Relocate... - guys, i naturally didn't get the joke you implemented here. since now (or a bit earlier) this option is available while torrent is _active_, what's DEFINITELY wrong. how does it work: if torrent was set on seeding queue, there will be no harm, if torrent is downloading currently...well, if i'll choose to relocate a file "on-the-fly" it will immideatly stop loading, and so all temporary blocks will be gone. -1. roll back it please to how it worked all the time before. tab Files, column Streaming. if play sign was clicked (also: by mistake), what logic starts/continues downloading file if it isn't 100% ? rationally it'd better work if file was fully loaded, or be inaccessible/grey. also here'n'there... lots of new columns which ones show that you chose uT to be more media-oriented now. okay. :cool: !!! again the same tab. up/down arrows simply DON'T work, neither their combination with shift being held. -5. "adding second time". well, here adding .torrent works the same great - you will be warned that the torrent exists in list, [optionally] asked to add trackers from it on not, and the most useful thing - that torrent will become highlighten/chosen. WHY the same last thing DOESN'T work with magnets being added second time??? -10. know, if there's a huge list of torrent (even currently inactive ones), it's REALLY useful. principle of trackers' addition to magnet link. example: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:***& as i got it, scheme takes the very first tracker of all listed in properties (the order goes exactly off there). i'd suggest to grab 3 of them (you know which ones are most popular ). weirdly, just now i excluded all trackers off the list (DHT, LPD, PEX only left), then stopped torrent, added them back, started, and what i see now is that there's no tr param in its magnet link anymore. while at first there was 1. kinda: we don't check it later. bug, imho. still, i'm kinda not getting why traffic have to be "eaten" by overhead; no good. any idea? button Start. since 2.0 (seems) it cannot be clicked more times than once. that was fun in 1.8.5. undecided. the common idea of Web Remote Access... well , i just hope it's actually _secure_ afterall. actually, since version 2.0.* the speed of downloading went a bit (ahem :mad: @ "a bit") down in comparison with 1.8.5, what definitely does you-guess-what. yes, it DOES (just wish not to post a harsh here), as i feel current versions of client were intended for seeding MOSTLY, and for discriminative (to all previous builds) support of uTP. oh well:/. and NO, play-around with bt.transp_disposition and some another options doesn't give a positive change. just as fact i hardly see a non-uTP-seeder in a list. the next fact there is only support of uTorrent clients at all, and only greater than 1.8.5 (no seeders who use Bittorrent ever, i'm already silent about the rest like Azureus etc). hell, even uT 1.8.3 "on the other end" won't be accessible, i guess. what if content, what i'm interested in, is actually rare?! irony, sure: i'd have to "jump and shout" : "hey guy! you have some file that i need, please install/update to uT 3.0 to let me finally get it!", or vice versa - which is nonsense :mad:. oh well... :| *sighs*... well, ok, that are all key aspects i currently gathered in one heap for now. for the reference: uTorrent 1.8.5 - most active usage, still THE leader. uTorrent 2.0.2 - slightly disappointed, was using as secondary / for re-seeding mostly. uTorrent 3.0 Alpha 20507 - currently giving a try. apart from that, familiar with uT since 1.7, AFAIR. plus, surely, tried lots of the rest clients. still, uT is my fav regards to the development team :cool: