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  1. infirmus

    WebUI v0.315

    ICleolion: I just want to set the upload/download limits in uTorrent without loading the full WebUI up and manually clicking into the settings. If anyone knows javascript fairly well it is probally an easy thing to do.
  2. infirmus

    WebUI v0.315

    Does anyone know how to make a bookmarklet for Firefox that limits the upload/download rates using the webui backend in uTorrent? I wrote the code below, and it sorta works but you have to login normally first (ie, the username/password part of the URL doesnt work). I tried using XMLHttpRequest, but it doesnt work cause the security settings dont allow you to fetch pages from different domains (ie it doesnt allow cross site scripting). javascript:(function() var w1 ='http://username:password@hostname:port/gui/?action=setsetting&s=max_ul_rate&v=1'); w1.close(); w1 ='http://username:password@hostname:port/gui/?action=setsetting&s=max_dl_rate&v=1'); w1.close(); })()
  3. infirmus

    WebUI v0.315

    There's a build 478? Where?
  4. How soon is really soon now?
  5. Notice how they use 1.4 which was before ludde added a dialog that said it was freeware and if you paid for it you had been scammed.
  6. That sort of argument doesnt work. Saying "I'm so good, I know more than you and I've never had to change to queue length" doesnt do anyone any good.
  7. Great work... I had lost track of how much progress has been made since 1.5 Hopefully the webui will be finished soon and 1.6 final will come out.
  8. Yup I was one of those lazy ones. In addition to the new buttons, clicking one tickbox in a highlighted list of files ticks/unticks all the files that are highlighted (its not in the changelog). This is the functionality a few of us were requesting to avoid right clicking... Now all it needs is Ctrl-A highlighting all the files.
  9. Hi, I wouldnt mind giving it a shot. I could test it over a few different ADSL connections and from uni. Can test on IE/FF windows and Safari OSX. I would use this feature quite a lot, so I will give it a thorough going over.
  10. Apparantly only about 85% of ppl have normal vision (i.e. not some form of colour blindness, there are lots of types)
  11. I am the only one who thinks the "seeding" and "finished" symbols are too similar? Its too hard to see which is which with a quick glance.
  12. Find it! Click the uTorrent symbol in the about box.
  13. Thats because the frog is an Azureus frog ( I dont think there is an animal called "uTorrent", hence our dificulties.
  14. This azureus wiki page has a good explaination: There is a thread here that has a lot of discussion about it too:
  15. Wow! Thanks to the developers!!! Great new release.