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  1. This soft is so amazing... Why did i use Bitc*met for so long ... I have a old computer and a slow broadband access... but with µTorrent i can get the most of my connection! I can even surf, work, listen to music ... and i don't event see the difference... Thanks you for this wonderful piece of software!
  2. uTorrent is not only so nice becouse it doesnt need much PC Power (Ram, CPU) - where i have to say ! respect ! . Its so good becouse its thin (current non beta : 115 kb) too. if its would growing to 5-10 MB its mostly like all other BitTorrent clients out there (only the less power using would be nice).
  3. Please do not make uTorrent to fat. Try to stay under 128 kb please. Version 1.4 will get 1 MB?, 1.5 - 2MB, 1.6 - 9 MB ?
  4. I got the same feeling from the tribal logo. It seems perfect for Ubuntu Linux doesn't it?
  5. Thank you! I didn't remember optimised software exists untill I downloaded µTorrent! Attractive, rich, and easy! A dream come true! One more exclamation point and my head'll explode!