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Found 1 result

  1. Hello, Before I begin with a description of my problem, please excuse me for my English. Overview: I have one wallet on two computers(Macbook PC and Windows PC): - Macbook: btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT - Windows 10: btt-in-app 5,598,488.722224 BTT Issues: a) Bittorent Speed keeps syncing on Windows PC and it's a nightmare to open my Dashboard and Wallet. Keeps showing "Oops, Please make sure your torrent is running..." b) If I am allowed to open the Dashboard on Windows PC, it is a nightmare to open my wallet, it says (incorrect password) and after several attempts to open and close Bittorent Speed, I am authorized to see my wallet; c) Bittorent Speed on Windows PC doesn't receive the BTT-on-chain from BTT-in-app transactions; d) Bittorent Speed on Macbook is syncing for seconds, works correctly but shows 0.000460 BTT instead of 5,598,488.722224 BTT. No data about transaction history; Аttempts to fix: - I tried to resolve the issue by following these steps and it wasn't successful: Strange behaviour: - If I delete the BittorentHelper on Windows PC > %appdata% > Local > BittorentHelper and then sync the wallet again, following the steps to import the wallet and use the security key words, it shows on Windows PC btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT...Why??? Is this asyncronous or syncronous communication between one wallet and two computers? - If I move the BittorentHelper from Windows PC to Macbook PC the issues are the same; Wallet Data: - public address: TQf6yyNVtVKXwWteneoFT57A65BCSSuj21 Here are the files attached: Google Drive - wallet log since 2020; - dashboard screenshot from Windows PC; - transaction history screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Macbook PC; - oops error screenshot from Windows PC; I will be very grateful if you help me. I want my coins and successfully transfer them. Thank you in advance!