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Found 5 results

  1. Hello ! Since last 72 hours we have withdraw problems. When we move our earnings from IN APP Balance to On Chain Balance coins go to pending. After we stop utorrent / bittorrent client or just kill the process from taks manager and then we start it again the same coins that goes to pending are going back to our IN APP Balance. It's happening to me and all my friends to each of our computes / accouts / wallets. We have earnings more than enough on each client but they are all going on pending and in best scenarion after that are going back to IN APP balance and worst scenario just get stuck on pending. Is anything happening with the network at the moment ? ( any updates or something that may be the problem ) Should we wait for this to be fixed or ? ? Please provide some information about this problem. Its kinda frustrating because gathering works fine / wallet loads fine , but we can not move from in app to on chain !!! Thanks in advance.
  2. I have used Bittorrent speed for a while and have some BTT in the app. However since I starting using Bittorrent web I have been unable to access the in app wallet. Whenever I click on "Wallet" on the left of the Bittorrent Speed interface. It will ask for my password. I entered that and it goes into the screen where it forever shows "Updating Balances". (Shown in screenshot below) I have left it for hours and it is still stuck on that screen. Hence I am unable to access my BTT. I am using Google Chrome browser, Windows 10 I have tried the following steps to import my wallet again. But the same problem appears - Windows users: - Stop your torrent clients that use Speed from running - Check and stop uTorrent/BitTorrent processes from Task Manager - Open File Explored and type in %AppData% - You may need to go one level up until you get to AppData > Local - Find BitTorrent Helper folder and delete it - Launch your torrent client - Get to Speed and walk through welcome screens again - Get to the point where you are offered to Import your wallet - Click on Import - Use previously stored Recovery Phrase or the Private Key to import your wallet - In a few seconds your balances should be restored I have searched the forum and do not see anyone with similar problems, please advise as to how I can fix this issue and access my BTT. Thank you very much.
  3. i can't open mine Bittorrent speed wallet and dashboard. It writes. -Oops!Please make sure your torrent client is running and relaunch BitTorrent Speed. But my utorrent is working as usual. I have some btt in-app and i I do not want to loose it.Please help me to restore access to my Bittorrent speed wallet and dashboard. jj dd
  4. Hi everyone, I install and run bittorent speed, i seeded 26 torrents for 3 days nonstop, but total earning is 0, same results in home and in the office, Windows 10 Pro version 20H2. Upload speed is ~ 10 Mb/sec. Total seeded is about 50 TB. Connected BTT users ~ 100. What's happening, i don't earn single coin?
  5. Hello, the number of tokens Total Earning differs drastical from the number of tokens on the in-app balance. My token spending consumption is 0. And I don’t understand how tokens are credited to the balance. I earned more than 27984 BTT Tokens, I only be able to transfer around 6300 to my on-chain wallet, but I have only 847 BTT available on my in-app balance instead of the difference that is more than 21000+ BTT How long should I receive the difference? What I can do? I Seeded 14.92 TB