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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Before I begin with a description of my problem, please excuse me for my English. Overview: I have one wallet on two computers(Macbook PC and Windows PC): - Macbook: btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT - Windows 10: btt-in-app 5,598,488.722224 BTT Issues: a) Bittorent Speed keeps syncing on Windows PC and it's a nightmare to open my Dashboard and Wallet. Keeps showing "Oops, Please make sure your torrent is running..." b) If I am allowed to open the Dashboard on Windows PC, it is a nightmare to open my wallet, it says (incorrect password) and after several attempts to open and close Bittorent Speed, I am authorized to see my wallet; c) Bittorent Speed on Windows PC doesn't receive the BTT-on-chain from BTT-in-app transactions; d) Bittorent Speed on Macbook is syncing for seconds, works correctly but shows 0.000460 BTT instead of 5,598,488.722224 BTT. No data about transaction history; Аttempts to fix: - I tried to resolve the issue by following these steps and it wasn't successful: Strange behaviour: - If I delete the BittorentHelper on Windows PC > %appdata% > Local > BittorentHelper and then sync the wallet again, following the steps to import the wallet and use the security key words, it shows on Windows PC btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT...Why??? Is this asyncronous or syncronous communication between one wallet and two computers? - If I move the BittorentHelper from Windows PC to Macbook PC the issues are the same; Wallet Data: - public address: TQf6yyNVtVKXwWteneoFT57A65BCSSuj21 Here are the files attached: Google Drive - wallet log since 2020; - dashboard screenshot from Windows PC; - transaction history screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Macbook PC; - oops error screenshot from Windows PC; I will be very grateful if you help me. I want my coins and successfully transfer them. Thank you in advance!
  2. Basically what's In the title, I transferred BTT from in-app to on-chain. In history it says that the transaction was successful(Complete) but my BTT is still in-app.
  3. Hello Support team, I have 2 major issues with BitTorrent Speed 1) Unable to transfer from in app to on chain from 12.05. Transfer is visualized as Pending several hours and then goes into Completed with returning the BTTs to in app. 2) Around 30 000 BTT disappeared from my balance yesterday. They are not spent, just disappeared. Public address: TPX5ynXAzoNxNitMa2WpR5f5HN9y4HwRw9 Screenshots: This is the timeframe in which around 30000 disappeared Dashboard: Can you please give me information on: 1) Why i cannot transfer to on chain and when fix is expected? This issue is still not resolved and community is inpatient for answers. 2) Why 30000 BTTs disappeared and when they will be retuned? If any additional information is required please share. Thank you!
  4. Good day! I have ordered a transfer of funds from BTT in-app to BTT on-chain, it's been 59 hours. The transaction has not yet been processed. Tell me what to do? Support is silent ...