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Found 6 results

  1. @techster When will the exchange be working again? We cant whitdraw from in-app to on-chain. We have 2 months waiting for a clear answer. Please check this post:
  2. Hello, Before I begin with a description of my problem, please excuse me for my English. Overview: I have one wallet on two computers(Macbook PC and Windows PC): - Macbook: btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT - Windows 10: btt-in-app 5,598,488.722224 BTT Issues: a) Bittorent Speed keeps syncing on Windows PC and it's a nightmare to open my Dashboard and Wallet. Keeps showing "Oops, Please make sure your torrent is running..." b) If I am allowed to open the Dashboard on Windows PC, it is a nightmare to open my wallet, it says (incorrect password) and after several attempts to open and close Bittorent Speed, I am authorized to see my wallet; c) Bittorent Speed on Windows PC doesn't receive the BTT-on-chain from BTT-in-app transactions; d) Bittorent Speed on Macbook is syncing for seconds, works correctly but shows 0.000460 BTT instead of 5,598,488.722224 BTT. No data about transaction history; Аttempts to fix: - I tried to resolve the issue by following these steps and it wasn't successful: Strange behaviour: - If I delete the BittorentHelper on Windows PC > %appdata% > Local > BittorentHelper and then sync the wallet again, following the steps to import the wallet and use the security key words, it shows on Windows PC btt-in-app 0.000460 BTT...Why??? Is this asyncronous or syncronous communication between one wallet and two computers? - If I move the BittorentHelper from Windows PC to Macbook PC the issues are the same; Wallet Data: - public address: TQf6yyNVtVKXwWteneoFT57A65BCSSuj21 Here are the files attached: Google Drive - wallet log since 2020; - dashboard screenshot from Windows PC; - transaction history screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Windows PC; - wallet screenshot from Macbook PC; - oops error screenshot from Windows PC; I will be very grateful if you help me. I want my coins and successfully transfer them. Thank you in advance!
  3. Wow i was just watching my in-app btt hitting 1000+ btt But since there was no btt on the exchange address there was no point in withdrawing. As i was thinking about it a blue candle popped up and had the number 26 in it. So my u torrent had spend 26 btt while spending was turned off, and i only had seeds running. But here comes that kicker, white it said it spend 26 btt my in-app amount dropped by 278. So not only is the spending feature of btt broken the amount it takes from your in-app is more the 10x. I was try n to stay positive but man is it becoming had to have faith in this project. Lets hope for better times!!!!!!
  4. Hello there, Sum it up, I lost 20k+ BTTs and keep going to lose because of Oops! Re-launch Issue and I have still pending transaction over 4+days I have many backed up `bittorenthelper` folder and screenshoot. Who is going to help me?
  5. I've posted somewhat hastily in this thread detailing all my findings. I'll repost here for those that are not on reddit. On May 12th, the BTT Speed wallet exchange went down. The announcement was that it was going to be a 2 hour maintenance, but it actually ended up being... more than 2 weeks now. The exchange is still down. On May 12th, the day of the announced maintenance downtime, a new webui helper used to facilitate the uTorrent and BT Client's Web API with the BTT exchange protocol was pushed out to all uTorrent 3.5.5 and BT 7.10.5 clients, regardless of whether you used BTT Speed or not. All the evidence and code can still be found and examined yourself in the webUI helper update that was pushed out (located in /AppData/Roaming/uTorrent/ folder) Full JS File on GitHub New API Points found: email: { get: {}, post: {} }, "binance/binance_info": { get: {}, post: { body: String } }, "binance/quote_info": { get: {}, post: { params: { crypto_currency: String, base_currency: String, fiat_currency: String, requested_amount: String, pay_type: String, quote_id: String } } }, "binance/create_transaction": { post: { params: { order_id: String, quote_id: String } } }, "binance/recent_transactions": { get: {} } Some VueJS functions: fetchEmailInfo: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, emailInfo: { type: Object, default: function () { return { email: String, isVerified: Boolean } } }, createAndApproveQuote: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, checkBinanceUserStatus: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, preCheckRedirectUrl: { type: String, default: "" }, bindRedirectUrl: { type: String, default: "" }, fetchBinanceTransactions: { type: Function, default: function () {} }, binanceTransactions: { type: Object, default: function () { return { total: 0, rows: [] } } }, Some more VueJS functions and front-end helpers: columns: function () { return [{ label: this.$t("Date & Time"), field: "created_time", width: "160px" }, { label: "Pay", field: "requested_amount", type: "number", thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }, { label: "Receive", field: "obtain_amount", type: "number", formatFn: this.formatAmount, thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }, { label: "Status", field: "status", width: "100px", thClass: "binance-table-th-content-center", tdClass: "binance-table-td-content-center" }] }, filterCheckedArr: function () { return this.filterArr.filter((function (e) { return e.isChecked })).map((function (e) { return })) } ............................ created: function () { this.checkPreCheckRedirectUrl(), this.handleGAEvent("PaymentPageScreen") }, mounted: function () { this.waitUntillIframeLoaded() }, methods: { checkPreCheckRedirectUrl: function () { this.preCheckRedirectUrl.length }, waitUntillIframeLoaded: function () { var e = this; document.getElementById("binance-iframe").addEventListener("load", (function () { e.handleLoading(!1) })) } } ........................ [e._v("\n You will be redirected to Binance to complete the verification process after " + e._s(e.redirectTimeout) + " sec\n ")])]) : e._e(), e._v(" "), e._e(), e._v(" "), e.showTransferSuccessModal ? n("wallet-buy-success-modal", { attrs: { handleModalCancelClick: e.closeTransferSuccessModal } }) : e._e(), e._v(" "), 1 === e.step ? [n("div", { staticClass: "wallet-buy-step-1" }, [n("bt-card", { staticClass: "exchange-sell-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "card-item-grid" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "sub-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "title" }, [e._v("PAY")]), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "balance center" }, [n("bt-select", { attrs: { options: { first: { nativeName: "USD", value: "USD" } } } }, [n("div", { staticClass: "option-selected", attrs: { slot: "option-selected" }, slot: "option-selected" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "text" }, [e._v("\n USD\n ")])])]), e._v(" "), n("bt-input-box", { staticClass: "amount", attrs: { inputType: "crypto", "data-testid": "sell", placeholder: "0.00", message: e.baseCurrencyMessage, showMessage: e.isInvalidBaseCurrency, isInvalid: e.isInvalidBaseCurrency }, on: { input: e.updateCryptoCurrencyStr }, model: { value: e.baseCurrencyStr, callback: function (t) { e.baseCurrencyStr = t }, expression: "baseCurrencyStr" } })], 1)])])]), e._v(" "), n("svg-icon", { staticClass: "arrow-forward-icon", attrs: { icon: "arrow-forward" } }), e._v(" "), n("bt-card", { staticClass: "exchange-buy-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "card-item-grid" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "sub-card" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "title" }, [e._v("Estimated Receive")]), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "balance center" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box" }, [n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box-top" }, [n("svg-icon", { staticClass: "speed-icon", attrs: { icon: "speed" } }), e._v(" "), n("span", [e._v("BTT in-app")])], 1), e._v(" "), n("div", { staticClass: "buy-btt-box-bottom" }, [n("span", [e._v(e._s(e.currentBalance))])])]), e._v(" "), n("bt-input-box", { staticClass: "amount", attrs: { inputType: "crypto", "data-testid": "buy", placeholder: "0.00" }, on: { input: e.updateBaseCurrencyStr }, model: { value: e.cryptoCurrencyStr, callback: function (t) { e.cryptoCurrencyStr = t }, expression: "cryptoCurrencyStr" } .................. a = [function () { var e = this, t = e.$createElement, n = e._self._c || t; return n("div", { staticClass: "top" }, [n("span", { staticClass: "top-title" }, [e._v("Email Verification")]), e._v(" "), n("span", { staticClass: "content-text" }, [n("p", [e._v("\n To continue, please provide a valid email address. If you already have a Binance account, please use\n the same one.\n ")]), e._v(" "), n("p", [e._v("\n This service is provided in collaboration with\n "), n("a", { attrs: { href: "", target: "_blank" } }, [e._v("Binance")]), e._v(" in accordance with our\n "), n("a", { attrs: { href: "", target: "_blank" } }, [e._v("Privacy Policy")]), e._v(".\n ")])])]) }] API requests/responses in the wild with plenty of evidence for a planned Binance integration: The entire thread and findings can be found in the original Reddit page. Two days ago, I believe they did a massive test of some sort. Judging by how the exchange is still down, either: 1) The protocol/integration is unsatisfactory and more development time is needed. 2) They are waiting for "the perfect announcement time" for the news for maximum pumpage. (Don't forget, this is a Tron project ) Either way, IF THERE IS NO BTT BALANCE IN THIS WALLET: [ TA1EHWb1PymZ1qpBNfNj9uTaxd18ubrC7a ] DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO WITHDRAW. You're wasting your time. Look, I'm just as frustrated as you are, but there's no point in posting more threads asking where your BTT went, or why the exchange is still down. We already have two pages filled with that. The BTT Team has made it crystal clear that they do not want to share details with us. Again, that points to either 1) a huge security/exploit found in the protocol that they are trying to keep under wraps; or 2) binance moon announcement. #1 I tolerate to a certain degree, but #2... eh, not so much. Again, if you're looking for a community that actually is active, knowledgeable, and passionate about BTT Speed, /r/BTT_Speed is the community to be in. All seeders, some experts and some newbies, but no shill all serious discussions.
  6. Your wallet has been replenished with coins this morning. My withdrawal attempts have been going on for three weeks, but still someone else got their coins! Honestly - you fucked up !!!! I will never believe that you have a shortage of these fucking coins. I wrote to you in the email a week ago - no one answered me! If you want us to keep seeding torrents, give us those fucking BTT'S ! Bitch, I no longer have the strength, you are just utter freaks! SURE 99.99% of the users of this forum will agree with me! We were tired of the same type of answers "thanks for your patience, wait!" We want you to solve our fucking problems!