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Found 4 results

  1. Using 3.5.0 build 44090 stable on fully patched win 7, also running 2.2.1 simultaneously. Utorrent set as default program for torrent files in Firefox. After upgrading to this version, every attempt to load a torrent from Firefox fails with a "Utorrent is busy or not responding" message. The program is neither. after the message, I can go to the file menu, open the torrent file and the program loads it normally from there. This did not happen with previous stable builds. Is this happening to any one else? Any idea why this is going on? Edit: Also tested this out with Chrome, latest version, same issue. And trying to load a torrent directly from windows explorer fails same way as well.
  2. Hi, beforehand, I have speed limit checked for UTP and transport overhead. Problem: When I limit the uTorrent speed, be it DL or UL, everything goes to a halt (around 0kbps), even though the torrent in process isn't stopped or paused - just stuck at 0kbps. I have to restart uTorrent each time for limits to take effect AND to continue UL/DL again. Unchecking limit for overhead fixes this, but I need uTorrent to limit the overhead too. Also, this isn't noticeable for the first time you enable overhead limiting and try to limit uTorrent's speeds.
  3. After update to 3.5.43580 setting "Delete loaded .torrents" actually does not delete them from auto load folder. But it does if you reboot app. Looks like .torrent files are locked.
  4. Today I downloaded the new uTorrent client version from Version: Size: 1 733 104 bytes MD5: 87c83933801f5a5589b8fff7f8691a02 And when trying to start it, it displays the following message: All I can do now is to press the OK button, and that's it, i.e. uTorrent doesn't even start. I must note, that for the last 5 years (or longer) I've never ran uTorrent under administrative account, and it ran just fine. This is the first version with which I have this problem. And, damn fcuk, when I downloaded this new version I've deleted the old version, and now can't use bittorrent at all.