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Found 3 results

  1. Download too slow

    Hello Utorrent users, I come through this topic to ask you for a not so great help, but that will help me very, very much ... I have been downloading games for a long time through Utorrent, and all the downloads I made had a download speed of 600kb/s, but today I started to download a game and the speed is only 50kb/s, and the speed of update is very high, I am suffering a lot with this (KK), if you can help me as soon as possible, after all, the game is expected to finish the download in 1 week kk. See you later, thank you!
  2. downloaded more than file size

    Hi, Strange thing happened my downloading file size is 4 gb and u torrent is showing downloaded file size 18.57 gb file size on disk is also 4 gb this is very strange pls look into it if u can
  3. hello im new here, anw sometimes while im downloading i encouter connection loss for hours and after a while utorrent just stop trying to download. all i want to ask is if there is a way i could make utorrent keep trying to download.