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Found 3 results

  1. New to torrent several questions

    Hi so I am new to torrent and I have found it really interesting about how it works... I have found also some doubts that I can't seem to find in any of the articles or forums that are online so my questions are; 1) Is it necessary to keep both the files downloaded and the torrent file in order to seed properly? 2) whenever I turn off my computer files of course stop seeding, but when I turn it back on I have to re-download the torrent file eventhough I keep both the downloaded file and the torrent file so what can I do to start seeding withoud having to download the whole file again? 3) at the moment I open a torrent in utorrent and I select a destination... if I move it from that place I have to update the destination place for that specific torrent? that is why some times the error: files missing appears? 4) even if I keep seeding it doesn't mean that someone will be seeding from me? it may take sometime for someone to start seeding from my file? 5) are there any limits for seeding in utorrent? 6) the torrent files have to be in the same location as the downloaded files? I think that those are all of my doubts... Thank you in advance
  2. Upload speed really slow

    I'm using uTorrent and I have a pretty fast connection, but every time I try to seed a torrent the speed is usually under 100kb/s. I really want to seed because I know that torrents can't work without seeders, but it always takes days to get to even a 1:1 ratio. Why? Downloading works fine, I'm pretty sure it's nothing with the firewall, I don't think I even have a firewall. So why, then, is seeding nearly impossible for me?
  3. I've just ran into this problem. Weirdly enough uTorrent can only open port 25565. Everything else doesn't work. I've tried setting the exception for any other port I used in the firewall, running uTorrent as administrator, restarting my computer, enabling and disabling UPnP and NAT-PMP port mapping, but nothing seems to work. I've never seen this before, whenever I changed the port it would be open in uTorrent and on the port checker website. Does anyone have a solution? For the record, I am using uTorrent version 3.5 (build 43916) on Windows 10. P.S I checked my ports on and weirdly enough 25565 is open on the website, albeit uTorrent saying it's closed but downloads are still available. P.S.S I can't forward any port on my router, since the router doesn't have the option for port forwarding. I've called my ISP and that's what they said, can confirm myself as well, there is no option to open ports. Reposting, since the last one I posted wasn't reviewed since Friday.