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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone! I already wrote a post some days ago, because I though uTorrent-Web didn't work. I thought that because I can download only little torrents, even if I know I have some space to download movies (I already downloaded some movies, and putted them on an external disk). But now, I can be sure. Because, after discussion on a Discord channel, some users confirmed to me that they can download this torrent (https://www.sharewood.tv/torrents/batman-1989-multi-vff-2160p-10bit-4klight-hdr-bluray-x265-aac-71-qtz.14507) whereas I can't. So either I have a problem with the connection (but I can still download some little torrents), either there is an issue with the app, or maybe there is a third solution, I don't know. What do you think?
  2. Hi everyone! I installed uTorrent Web and I tried to install some movie torrents using this. But I have a problem for some time: I cannot extract my torrents. Some details: I already extracted some torrents from the same sites as I try today, so I know how to do. I always can extract some little torrents, but no movies. I am trying to download a lot of versions of a same movie, so it is unlikely that no one have enough peers. After discussion on a Discord channel, it seems at least one of them have effectively a lot of peers and is supposed to work (but when I put it in uTorrent Web, it prints that they are 0 peer). I already extracted some movies, but I putted them in an external drive, so I freed some space. And after verification, I have around 100 GB. In the Discord channel I mentioned above, someone suggested to me that maybe I have a bad configuration of uTorrent Web, but without more details. I tried to uninstall uTorrent Web, run again the installer, and try again to extract my torrents, but without result. What can I try now ?
  3. I am Downloading a file for 3 days in utorrent web, whenever I continued the download again after I restarted my computer, the download speed is changing and that is strong. But upload speed is constant at 0 for some time. And there are no improvements in downloaded percentage too. How to fix this? This is not a big issue for most, but I use 3 hours unlimited package. So, this time cause by the given problem is eating my money.
  4. Hello. I am using MacOS, version 11.5.2 (20G95). I have installed uTorrent Web, version and having issues with it. For sometime (few months) after installing it for the first time, everything worked fine. I added magnetic links, they downloaded fine with best possible speed. Then one day I suddenly ran out of disk space, and everything went bad after that. I cleared the disk space, but torrents wouldn't resume. I restarted the uTorrent Web, but the torrents went into Queued state, and no matter how many times I clicked resume, or force download, they wouldn't resume. I checked logs, and found the below error message: This error wouldn't come continuously in the logs, but would come from time to time. So I uninstalled uTorrent Web, deleted all the files, partially downloaded torrents too, and re-installed the application. Same version number as mentioned at the starting of this post. After re-installing, things became fine, torrents started to download with top possible speed. Then suddenly, after few days, the speed died for no reason I checked bandwidth usage as the speed was dying, there were no transfer happening. And the speed reduced to few bytes per second. Note that there is no limit of bandwidth in the settings. Also I was able to download large files (greater than 5 Gb) with top speed, so bandwidth is not an issue. Waited for a couple of days for the speed to pick up again, it didn't. Tried to quit the app, it would hang, so I had to kill Force Kill it. Started the application again. For few seconds after starting I would get top speed, then again the speed would die. Logs didn't have any other error than the one mentioned above. Again tried to quit the application, it would hang, so again Force Killed it. On starting again, again I would get top speed for few seconds and then it would again die. What do I check here? How do I solve this problem? Note that I don't have bandwidth or speed issues. I downloaded a CentOS iso file and got speed greater than 27MBPS (megabyte per second) continuously till the file was downloaded.
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