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Found 4 results

  1. Hey! I´ve been trying to google my problem for a few days but i cant find anything about it. I had a ubuntu server with utorrent, which i would access from my windows computer/when i was away through internet, and it worked great. For reasons unrelated to the problem i changed to windows 10, installed everything, but utorrent doesnt seem to let me connect to the webui anymore. The ports are opened both in windows (firewall) and the router, but whenever i try to connect to the adress i get ERR_RESPONSE_HEADERS_TRUNCATED in chrome. Ports are open (it worked before i changed to windows) Couchpotato is accessible the same way (works with couchpotato but not with utorrent) I use utorrent 3.5.3 build 44396, Windows 10 pro, id rather leave my isp out of this since i doubt its related. Couchpotato wouldnt work otherwise. I use a specific port for utorrent, same as for couchpotato, other than the default ones. That port is not being used by other applications as far as i know. Edge just says "HTTP 400 error it's not you, it's this link (it appears to be broken). I have tried accessing the external ip adress, not internal. ( but its the same, and it´s the external i need). I don´t use VPN, the only antivirus i use is windows (even tried disabling firewall altogether). I have also cleared cache, cookies, and what not (but since i've tried from different computers, different OSs, and web browsers thought it would be nice to also remove that possibility Any more info i can provide will be provided as fast as i can! Thanks a lot for your help Cheers!
  2. Hi, After the problems of malware in others utorrent versions i have install the beta versión but now, the tracker function don't work. All configuration is the same that the old version but don't work. What can i do? Thanks a lot. A hug.
  3. Freezing at launch

    Hey, pretty self-explanatory really, the moment i start my utorrent client the window pops up but won't load at all, no matter how long i wait. So far i've tried reinstalling it, rebooting, running as admin, and disabling the Windows Defender and Windows Update services, none which fixed the problem. Anyone else had this happen to them in the past week? until then it worked perfectly.
  4. Hello Guys, A few days ago I wanted to download a torrent. I clicked on the magnetic download (as always), it opened utorrent but did not download anything. After closing and reopening utorrent from the windows processes I downloaded the link. I opened it and told me that the file was in downloading and asked me if I wanted to add the trackers. There was nothing in the downloads! the file was in "Label" -> "No label" with the error "Can not Open .torrent file". I searched on the internet but I did not solve the problem. I reinstalled uTorrent and restarted the pc. Now the problem is getting worse because I open the torrent and nothing comes out. I'm going crazy, please help me. uTorrent 3.5.1 (build 44332) 32-bit