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Found 2 results

  1. uTorrent blocks sleep mode

    Several latest builds of uTorrent disable sleep mode in Windows. My PC only turns off the screen and does not enter sleep mode until I shut down uTorrent completely. The corresponding checkbox in uTorrent settings is disabled. Windows explicitly indicates that uTorrent blocks sleep mode. How to fix this? PS, hibernation works fine, but it is much slower than ordinary sleep mode. Windows 10 v1709 x64, uTorrent build 44294.
  2. Current Operating System: Windows Server 2012 R2 Client version: 3.5 build 44090 [32-bit] ISP: CenturyLink I have the age-old problem of a torrent gone AWOL, but it's not under the Hidden label. Indeed, the Hidden label is missing entirely. It was under the Hidden label, then I thought I'd get cute and just delete the label so it would go back to the No Label label. So, I right-clicked on the torrent, clicked Labels, highlighted the word "Hidden" in the box there, deleted it, and pressed enter. Now the torrent is just gone. And, yes, I expanded the Labels section. And yes, when I try to re-add the torrent I get the message about it already being there.