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Found 5 results

  1. I can't seem to get make myself connectable. I've followed every guide, I've opened the ports. Nothing. I need help. What do you need from me? J
  2. Hi All, I'm having problems every time I run a windows update it deletes utorrent, I reinstall and it carries on downloading everything that I was in the middle of. But does anyone know how I can prevent it deleting utorrent in the first place please!
  3. I have created a movie site like yts where only I could create movie post and my visitor can download movies torrent file from my website. I want to know how can I seed thousands of my created torrent file from my computer. My PC configuration is: Intel quad core processor, 6 GB RAM, 1.5 TB HDD, Windows 7 64 bit OS and 10 Mbps internet connection. What have I done so far, I have forwarded my port in router (tp-link) and created all of my torrents using Utorrent. Now the problem is, I have 462 torrents seeding but maximum torrents are showing DHT waiting for announce and my visitors can't download those files. Some torrents are working fine but maximum torrents aren't working. I have created public torrents. Please help me to overcome this problem or any better solution.
  4. Hi, i'm new here. I've been trying to torrent a file but unable to do so because the magnet link will not show in the "Add new torrent" window and it's been going on like this for hours. Can anyone help me fix this problem?
  5. I like to keep my torrent files a little more neat than uTorrent tends to do when it's set as default. So I have a folder inside my download folder titled "Torrents" inside this folder are two other folders one is labeled "Torrent downloads" this is the folder I use for the actual files I download, while the other is titled "Torrent Files" which is where I store the .torrent files. We won't worry about this one. Inside the "Torrent downloads" folder are two more folders one is labeled as "Incomplete" which is where I store the torrents that are actively being downloaded, then another folder titled "Complete" probably self explanatory, but this is where I have the files moved to when they are finished downloading. I have all this set up in the directories section of the uTorrent preferences, so that it does it automatically for me. Now a while back if I made a folder inside the "Incomplete" folder titled "T.V. Shows", and had another folder inside the "Complete" folder that was titled the exact same way, (I would normally also break it down even further into "name of show" and another folder for the "Season #", but we're going to skip that for now, as it is already confusing enough.) uTorrent would put the downloading torrent into the folder titled "T.V. Shows" like I told it to, and then once it was done it would move only the file over to the exact same named "T.V. Shows" folder under the "Completed" folder, while leaving the original folder of "T.V. Shows" in the "Incomplete" folder. But for a while now, I've noticed it no longer does this. Instead of moving only the file from one folder to the exact same named folder under "Complete", it moves the ENTIRE "T.V. Shows" FOLDER from "incomplete" over to "Completed", and not out it in the folder named the exact same thing anymore. Does anyone know why it won't leave the "T.V. Shows" folder where it is in the "Incomplete" folder, and only move the actual file itself over to the "completed" "T.V. Shows" folder like it used to? It's very annoying that once it's done I have to open the file browser and manually move the folder into where I want it to be, when it used to move it all by itself. Not to mention the fact that I end up having to go back to "Incomplete" and make the "T.V. Show" folder all over again, because it picked up the whole folder and moved it, instead of only moving the file itself. Please help/let me know if you have an answer!?!