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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all. I've been using uTorrent for a while now, and sometimes when I'm downloading something in my Windows Shared Folder located on a second PC, my network card all of a sudden stops working and I have to restart it via "Network and Sharing Center". But that's not just it, sometimes instead of the network card stopping to work I just bump into BSOD. Is the problem my network card or the actual idea of downloading in the Windows Shared Folder, or something else? P.S. Re-installing, installing older or newer versions doesn't help.
  2. Utorrent is not available for Iphone IOS, almost every application is available for IOS but why not utorrent, utorrent App is very usefull for everyone, so please Add utorrent App available for Iphone IOS.
  3. Hello everyone! I have a problem in utorrent writes that the port is blocked, but the upload speed shows an average of about 10 MB / s, but for some reason they do not receive a reward for the distribution. Already distributed ~ 600 GB. PAST HOUR EARNING does not show any awards. The balance also did not change in any way. Could it be because the port is closed?