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Ping of Death / Ad windows show my router UI - Security issue?


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Good evening,


A few minutes ago, I got hit with a couple of "Pings of Death" as my router's security log calls them. 


From what I've read, it seems these pings can be accidents - malfunctions from peer connections on a torrent? - but what was more disconcerting was the two advertisement areas in uTorrent (bottom left corner and top banner) changed to look like my router's interface (including the network's actual name, etc.) - *not* a generic lookalike - as if I was watching someone try to access my router UI through the client "ad" browser windows. 


I did not have the presence of mind to screenshot it before I shut everything down out of panic.


Is it a weird coincidence?  An honest attack?  A security loophole in the program?  Should I shut it down, use another program for now?  Change ports?


Is it possible to block IPs or IP ranges?  Like or 111.111.*.*?


Are there some built-in securitiy options I should enable?


Any guidance is welcome.

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