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uTorrent wont download


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I have gone through several of the search results here for advice and tried all i could find.


Whenever I click on the download link for a torrent sometimes I get the .torrent file sometimes i don't. Nothing ever shows up under the Torrents label on the left side of utorrent. A couple times i found the torrent file under Labels > Hidden but it wouldnt do anything with them.

I have both directories set to the same folder with no Move after.  utorrent is set as the default for .torrent and magnets on my pc.


When I download the torrent file  I see it go to my Firefox downloads. I thought I'd check in Firefox Options > Applications to see if its the default there but .torrent doesn't show up, only magnet.


When i double click on the .torrent file in FF downloads / or move it to my torrent folder to try and start it that way i get a message - The torrent you are trying to add is already the the list of torrents. Do you want to load the trackers from it?

I have used the Add Torrent from URL with same results.


I have un-installed and re-installed 3 times now. I have left settings at their default and run the Setup Guide.


I have gone though all the Preferences several times, just found under Labels < Label-Directory Mapping - audio, documents, video is set to C:\Users\Owner\Music  ... \Owner\Documents etc, BUT in windows 7 that actual path is called C:\Users\Owner\My Music -- however that folder is empty as the directory  used is C:\Users\Public\Public Music    Should i change that mapping?


Any other ideas? I'm at a loss now.


I use Window 7 64bit os,  Firefox 39.0,  uTorrent 3.4.3 (build 4-633) [32-bit]


Edit since it wouldnt let me do another post yet -


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