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how to properly change download location


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Win7 pro x64

3.4.3 (build 40298)


Wanted to change download locations to free up space on the tiny 500GB C-drive, so moved them to a relatively empty 3TB F-drive.


Went into Preferences -> Directories

and changed the 5 locations there

from ------------- to --------------------

C:\DLs\Torrent to F:\DLs\Torrent


C:\DLs\Torrent\Done to F:\DLs\Torrent\Done (extra option checked)


C:\DLs\Torrent to F:\DLs\Torrent


C:\DLs\Torrent\Done to F:\DLs\Torrent\Done


C:\DLs\Torrent\Done to F:\DLs\Torrent\Done (extra option UNchecked)


Then right-clicked on each completed file and used Advanced -> Set Download Location on them one-at-a-time changing them from C: to F:, then watching as it was 'moving' each one (waiting until each one finished prior to right-clicking the next one)... everything seemed to be working fine. Until it got all done, then shortly after that one by one their Status changed to 'cannot find [torrent name]' and indicating it was now looking for them in the original location again. I shut down uTorrent and started it up again, but that was no help. I tried copying the .torrent files to the new location, but no matter if I put them in the (new) 'auto load from' directory, or in the (new) 'finished' directory, uTorrent renames them... tacking on .loaded to the end of the file names, while simultaneously claiming in each file's Status column Error: can't open .torrent file from C:\DLs\Torrent\[torrent file name.torrent] (even though the .torrent files ARE there).


So, what did I do wrong,

what is the RIGHT way to move the finished torrents and have uTorrent find and seed them afterwards,

and why is it looking for the torrents in the original C-drive location when everything in Preferences has been changed to F-drive, and the Set Download Location function did the moving?



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It's not very clear how we're supposed to get these to display inline. The 'Image' tool asks for a URL, which the 'attach this file' button doesn't provide; the 'My Media' tool doesn't find/show the uploaded attachment.



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