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Files within torrent downloading when told not to.


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I am using Windows 7 64X


Very recently I have noticed some peculiar behavious with utorrent, and having used utorrent for many years I can say there is nothing wrong with the way I am using it.


Ok, situation is this.. I have downloaded a torrent which has many files in which I do want and some that I do, so as per usual I select all the files which I do not want and right click to press 'Do not download'.


..However, the files that I specifically asked not to download continue to download anway.  Making getting the files I actually want a very consuming experience! I have had limited luck closing utorrent down fully and opening back up again for the correct files to download or not download, however, this method only seems to work occasionally.  This problem has only started for me within the last few days and I'm wondering what is going on and when there may be a fix for this.


Kind regards

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I'm getting this bug too. And I have been using uTorrent for years with no problem. What is going on?


I think these posts are asking the same question:




Please don't reply with "Cross-file pieces" and hoping that we accept this answer. We longtime users know what cross file pieces are. And usually the only extra pieces we needed to download are the ones sharing with the files we don't skip.

The problem with the new skipped files is that it goes more than the shared pieces we needed to get. (5%+, and you still can say it's normal? ~_~)


Please fix this important annoying bug. 


I'm using version 3.4.3. (When did I set to it auto-update? =[)

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Hi, it seems like the recent versions ignore the diskio.use_partfile setting... (Even if 'Pre-allocate all files' is not enabled and (de)selection was made before downloading.) At least in some cases.


This way it's also 'messing up' already downloaded file-sets if some of them wasn't selected to download earlier, upon a reload of the .torrent files into uTorrent and re-scanning of downloaded file-sets (upon a clean install because of an earlier version gone wrong after a year or so). ((De)Selection set the same way as before, of course.)


Edit: I was speaking of 3.4.3_40298. (My client said there is no new stable version available.) Just installed _40760, but I've no time to test it for good now.


(BTW, I wonder why the 'Append .!ut to incomplete files' is disabled by default (clean install)? In case the diskio.use_partfile was set to false (or uTorrent behaves like it was) (it is also the default setting after a clean install) and some of the files in a file-set (torrent batch) wasn't selected to download there will be files with empty or random data inside, even after the download has been finished. It is of course normal, but perhaps not obvious for everyone that some of the just downloaded files are (so-to-say) 'corrupt'. I mean, it's not really foolproof.)


Edit 2 (in reply to rafi's next message - I can't post a new message now for being a newly [re]activated member): I was meant in the parenthetical part that with the default settings ('Append...' is disabled and diskio.use_partfile set to false) the mostly blank (not selected to download by user but allocated because of a cross-file piece) files are not distinguishable from the 'right' ones (unless you take a look at the Files tab in uTorrent, of course). It's normal behaviour, isn't it? Just not foolproof. It is less of a concern here, anyway. (I was mentioning this because it can be deceptive even for an advanced user if he expects uTorrent was not ignoring his setting of diskio.use_partfile to true and so all files in a set should be 'right'.)


Edit3: 3.4.3_40760 seems to be okay when (de)selection is made at start of downloading. Edit4: Hmm, not all the time...

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I have observed the same issue on various occasions. In some previous reports it has been dismissed as something todo with "Cross-file pieces" which I find inconsistent with my experience. 


Here is my most recent download, its a torrent containing three ~audiobooks, where all but the second lecture is set to skip. The torrent started to download immediately, however, it download only files from the first lecture marked to skip. If its a "Cross-file pieces" its a huge coincidence that all pieces are start\end of anything but what I want to download...




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I have had this problem too.. in which the "Skip" is not being skipped.  I very rarely skip files, so I have not tested this out conclusively.. but.. I would suggest that setting the priority of all the files you DO want to HIGH would achieve what you want.

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