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Erro: Former volume not mounted


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I know this has come up before and I've scanned through the forums and Googled it, but,

every time I start uTorrent files/torrents that have be downloaded are now brown and the above error is shown.  The volumes do get lost for some reason after a reboot/crash so I can understand that. I've gone ahead and told uTorrent NOT to load at start-up then I make sure the 2 volumes(Cloud Drives/Ethernet) are mounted, then I start uTorrent manually but still get the same error. If I do a Force Recheck it is ok, if I do a "Open Containing folder" it comes up ok(even if I boot w/o mounting before starting uTorrent)


Even after the re-check and they turn green they no longer go to seeding, I think I have to hit the "Start" button ?


Also, is there a way to do a Force Re-Check on all at once? It seems that if I do one then another....they stop the re-checks.




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