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This is a forum created to provide some help to new users of utorrent.

Not every user is a technical wizard. The FAQs are full of terms and chargons that a new user

might have difficulties to understand. If a question is simply answered by 'read the FAQ' and then

the post is removed from the list does not give more charitable people a chance to answer in a more meaningful way.

This is the first forum I ever come across where this practice is applied. It is a pitty, because it discourages one to ask

questions and leads to fumbling along with improper settings, that in the long run will affect the effectivenes of

the use of torrents. (e.g slow or inadequate uploads).

My own personal experience is that I read the FAQ pages, understood only less than 5% and then started using

utorrent with very limited success. Going over the FAQs again confused me even more, because some of the observations

of my GUI were in variance with what the FAQs were saying. Wouldn't it be nice to ask a question at this point to clear up

some misconceptions ? But no, this would be against the rules!! Read the fine FAQ first !!!!

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User manual's in progress -- slow, but in progress nevertheless. We never said it's not okay to ask questions. We say read the FAQ FIRST before asking them. If someone doesn't understand something, the forums are filled with a LOT of answers, and if keywords are unknown, a new thread won't be destroyed, as long as it's obvious someone actually tried looking around first. It's really obnoxious when someone pops onto the forum hoping to be spoonfed answers.

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