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Audio playing from Ads


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How does one stop the audio from playing automatically from the ads?   NO I AM NOT WILLING TO PAY 19.99 A YEAR just to get rid of something that should not be happening the first place.  While downloading a torrent last night I was woken up several times because 3 to 4 seconds of sound played from an ad.  And today I was listening to iTunes and several times a new ad would come up and 2 to 3 seconds of audio would play.  It also ruined a audio recording of live streaming music that I was doing because it played 2 to 3 seconds of audio  I don't mind the ads but sound should not be playing audio period.


According to comparison page and reasons why I don't want or need that feature:


Stream instantly.

Doesn't interest me.   Normally download MP3 files to be played on my iPod.


Protect your PC.

 Pay for Avast! which blocks IP addresses that  µTorrent tries to connect too if they have had reports of malware plus protects the complete PC.  Why would I want to pay for something that I already have.


Convert and play:

I have a whole suite of software that does this plus more.  Even will change aspect of video -- don't use this much as I am primarily interested in audio files .  Why would I pay for something that I can already do.


Get Premium access to new features and Support:

I am not really sure what new features you are talking about so I cannot  comment on this as it is very vague. Pay for customer support?  Some support should be free like sound in ads should not be playing.


There is only one other difference in the free version is ads.  Until this started happening µTorrent was my favorite free BitTorrent type of program out there.


Currently I have 3 options get rid of µTorrent, block audio to µTorrent, or block urls on my router.   I really do not want to get rid µTorrent.  I really do not want to block urls or IP addresses on my router.   Windows 8.1 does let me mute audio for the programs so until this resolved I will block audio or mute the sound for the application.



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