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Can't download nothing can't port


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hello my name is hunter!

I have a router that is a Ambit Data Cable Modem.IT speed is about 340 k .

Let me get down to bussness. I can't set up a port. i tried my best but i can't. the circle is always yellow. I went to port forwadrding.com but it isnot there.PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!TAKE ME step-by-step throught the proccess. and for me to connect to the internet i have LINGO.

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See if you can find a paper manual with your router.

If not, there may be a manual on its installation CD/floppy.

Try the website of the company that makes your router.

AND try your ISP's website for info on that router.

Lastly, call up your ISP if they provided the router/cablemodem, and ask them how to port-forward so you can play online games. (not host, just to PLAY online games -- most ISPs get testy if you mention file-sharing or hosting online games.)

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Try the following,

In uTorrents,

1) Type Ctrl+G

2) In Network Wizard window, Click on button : Test if port is forwarded properly

If your test shows that port is forwarded correctly, then your uTorrent should be fine.

If you are behind a proxy or transparent proxy, you cannot use this test to determine the status of your port.

Yellow circle - I assume your port is not forwarded correctly yet. Try to use ports from 49152 to 65535.

What security softwares do you have on your computer? Some softwares might have blocked your connection.

If ur ISP is blocking bit torrents, try enabling Protocol Encrpytion in uTorrents Settings -> Network. U should also set peer.lazy_bitfield to true.

Check here to see if ur ISP blocks bit torrent.

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