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how do I close "Upgrade to uTorrent Pro" page?


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  I clicked something (possibly "Get Pro" menu) that put me on a full window "Upgrade to uTorrent Pro" page.  I can not get back to the regular torrent list 


  I currently have every Show XX Option selected.  I do see the sidebar and status line.  Nothing else shows up.


  I have installed (downgraded) the release version over the beta version (that restored my scroll bars).  No effect on the page.


  FWIW, I intend to go to Pro if I ever go a few months without something breaking.  The last problem had - my scroll bars improperly sized for the actual window and were mostly be off-screen.  Before that, and unfixed to-date, the mute button on ads doesn't work!



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  Sorry for the delay -- my newbie status only allows 1 post per day.


  I would upload an image, but I can't find any way to "My Media".


  I did find a work-around.  With the "Upgrade page" taking over the main window, there's no menu item to switch back.  However, if the sidebar window is displayed, clicking anything there will re-display the list of torrents.  Without the sidebar, I was out of luck.

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