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uTorrent Plus -vs- Pro

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Ok been crawling all over the forums and just can't find my simple answer, so here I go...

What is the difference between uTorrent Plus and/or Pro.  Is Pro the "old" Plus? I can find no reference on the website to "Plus" my receipt for $19.95 is from Cleverbridge so I know it's real, I got Plus here on the uTorren site last year or the year before, it was an automatic renewal. So how do I move from Plus to Pro if Pro is better w/o having to again pay $19.95. I took Plus because of the very things Pro is advertising on the free -vs- Pro comparison chart.  I just want to silence the ads, the noise is killing me!!! :unsure: what did I do wrong.


Thanks - too new to know any better.... :(


Ok So here I am again to cancel this question, seems Pro IS the upgrade for the old Plus.  I kept downloading the file for the upgrade but it wasn't "taking" kept saying download failed so after waiting a week and just now trying it again, voila! my plus was upgraded to Pro.  So...nevermind

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