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Old Topic, But?

Darrel Froman

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This is probably old news rehashed, but, I have Century Link with a Motorola Qwest 3347, and I have done everything I have knowledge of to be able to seed. I started with Cyberghost and had maybe 15% acceptance of port forwarding when I run setup. I recently switched to PIA with port forwarding checked and I never get an acceptance on setup when I test for it. Though it does seem to upload reasonably well,sometimes. I've used Port Forward.com several times and it doesn't seem to help it all. I would like to help my comrades as I appreciate the torrents I get. I am running Windows 10 with Avast,though I recently disabled their firewall and am using Windows firewall hoping that would help, but it hasn't made a difference. I am not very tech savvy but would appreciate any reasonable help I can get, as I said I appreciate P.B. and like to contribute.Oh, and I'm running UT 3.4.4

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