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Utorrent system transfer


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Hi guys


I've upgraded to windows 10 and am trying to get utorrent running the way I had it set up before (i had many torrents running, it would be bad to have to set them all up again).


I copied the utorrent folder from appdata/roaming on my old install and have pasted it into the right location on the new install. Since this copied the resume.dat I figured it would work.


It has worked in that all the torrents are loaded, however there is one hitch - it's trying to load .torrent files from the directory on my old install which is of course failing because I have a different username on windows 10 so this makes sense.


I figured I would be able to solve it by opening the resume.dat in text editor, and doing a find-replace to change all the instances of my old username to my new one, however it's still trying to load the files from the old directory name. Is there another file I should be looking for to put a find-replace operation in?


:EDIT: nevermind, a restart sorted it

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