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completed files not moving.


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I have two folders:





Files begin being downloaded to the the Temp folder, and then upon completion they are moved to the Torrents folder.


But frequently, they are not being moved to the Torrents folder, they stay in the temp folder.  Utorrent says they are completed, and they are usable. So obviously they are complete. There are not any discriminating file types. And it doesn't happen all the time.


I don't see a trigger of why some are being moved and some aren't.


Any help appreciated.


post-373846-0-57158000-1437673006_thumb. post-373846-0-89805300-1437673028_thumb.

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I couldn't make another post on the same day because of the post restrictions. So I added(edited) the orignal post to answer your questions.  Would still like to see if there is a solution to my problem.


Thank you for time in trying to resolve this problem.

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I'd try to eliminate the issue by:

- use 3.4.3 stable

- using another folder on I not relative to the other

- If i is a network drive - try using another drive

- Make sure that is no issue of conflicts - duplicate folder/file names when it happens

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