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torrent file -tracker status and DL speed!


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1-is there any diffrence between .torrent files for same file in several site?

2- sometimes my download speed is 50-60 kB/s and some times2-7.ratio:200;1!

i know its torrent prob( i dont know what kind of the prob!) but i dont know is there any diffrence between 2 torrent file for one file in several torrent search engine??

3-what is tracker adress?

oh .. i read FAQ before! but ..

for example i got this message for half of my download:

tracker status: offline (timed out)

tracker url: http://tracker.torrenty.org:6969/announce

and red icon!(dl speed 2-7 kB/s)

what can i do for resolving this prob?is there a way?

can it be a reason for poor speed downloading?

if yes and there is a way for resolving so tell me"

A::how can i find extra tracker adress for a torrent for single file!(just like above adress)

B:: can it help to be on the increas my dl speed?

sorry for bad En ...

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The problem you are facing is because of the tracker being offline, thus u cannot do much to improve the speed.

For your questions,

1- If the file you are downloading contains the same content, there is no difference.

2- It is torrent's problem. It might be because the tracker is down. Try to upload, the more you upload, the faster you download. But sometimes it might not be the case. You can also try to enable DHT.

3- Tracker address,

A tracker is a server that keeps track of which seeds and peers are in the swarm. Clients report information to the tracker periodically and in exchange receive information about other clients that they can connect to. The tracker is not directly involved in the data transfer and does not have a copy of the file. - Quote from Wiki

A:: You can try finding extra tracker adresses in other Bit Torrent search engines.

B:: Yes it can.

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another Q"

how can i find extra tracker adress in other site?

i search X file in torrent serach site and find a same torrent file in 2 site!so far its ok!but where is tracker adress?

it must be like this:



thx again

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Yes, the tracker should have that kind of address.

You can try finding more trackers in a few torrent sites and search engines.

Some sites display tracker info along with the info of the torrent. If you found the same torrent, but a new tracker, u can copy that tracker and add it to that torrent.


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i have 2 MP/S DSL connections shared through LAN (simple workgroup) and i use utorrent as torrent client and face very very very slow download rate (2KBs) and i notice the upload speed is about (7-13 KBS) and i try several thing to increase download speed like ecryption of the data and itry to check speed guide for forwarding port but nothin is happen so please help me

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