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UTorrent Setup Guide HELP


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I recently purchased the U Torrent Pro Application and unfortunately I was unable to download it.


Also I am having some difficult connection issues. Let me explain: "I am not tech savvy please bare with me I apologize in advance."


U Torrent-Setup Guide


Speed Test fails: I believe this has something to do with my Norton Antivirus, it actively blocks U Torrent, I've added it to the Firewall exceptions several times but I keep having the same issue. If I disable the firewall the test hasn't passed yet though so there may be other issues.


"Connection failed error: A request to send or receive data was disallowed because the socket is not connected...."


Also: My port is not open. I went to portforward.com but they simply wanted me to purchase something else. Please assist me anyway you can. Thank you


i downloaded the port forward free software and it wasn't able to connect.


Also I cannot get Pro because "My socket couldn't be reached because of access permissions" This is on the Cleverbridge site which directed me back to the U Torrent page.

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