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Can't figure out why speed's capped


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Since a week ago, all my torrent (including popcorn time since it uses torrents) are getting capped at 30kb/s, it's impossible to download anything via torrent at my place (tested at 2 computers)

I did this 2 tests.


my ISP is surrounded



This is glasnost test



Can someone help me please? I'm desperate.


EDIT: Also I have upload speeds of 500kb/s and download is still capped, don't know what it is. Browser is working 100% watching youtube at 1080p without any stops.

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Your first part of the posting is more likely true then the second one is. I see three YES already and that tells me they monitor their bandwidth and if you use to much they throttle your internet if you using torrent it's that simple. The second one isn't testing torrent so it will never know.

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Change ISPs

I doubt they get that option.....from my knowledge you either have a local ISP or Corporate ISP and only get two or one ISP to pick from assuming your close enought to both to make that choice. Or just don't torrent that way they won't throttle your internet when you torrent. It's simple but your going to have to let go of torrent if you want your spped internet back.

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