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Maxing out my bandwidth (By whatever means necessary)


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This is still bugging me.  I'm trying to max out my bandwidth.  I'm getting gigabit internet, I have over 400+ torrents in queue, that number will easily hit over 1000.


A lot of these torrents are low seed torrents, so the normal suggestions don't apply here.  Please don't give them to me, I've been doing this long enough to have heard them already obviously.


Please assume that random write speed, read speed, and bandwidth aren't issues.


What's a good Queue length for my situation of low seed torrents (0-3 seeds).



I've had to go up to 20-30 torrents sometimes to cap out my current bandwidth.  I really don't want this process to go slower than it has to, 1000+ torrents is a lot to go through and I'd like to know a more deep dive into this beyond just "Use this many torrents".  A deeper dive into understanding how I can maximize my bandwidth effectively would be great.


Thanks for whatever help anyone can give me in advance.


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The short version is that in order to get your desired speed, you need peers that will download from you at that speed.

Because of how the protocol works, by the time you get enough peers to get close, you end up hitting the problem of disk speeds.

You basically won't be able to max gigabit upload.

"Please assume that random write speed, read speed, and bandwidth aren't issues."

Given this please respond to my question.  I'm a heavy torrent user with dedicated servers for torrenting.  So responses that relate are not helpful.  When I get to that problem, I know how to fix that problem.  That's a hardware problem.  I'm here because right now I'm trying to understand the software.
Edit: Understand I'm not a new user, a novice user, etc.  May I can't max out gigabit speeds but that's not the point... The point is that right now, I struggle to get over 1 MB/s....
Here is my own testing so far.
10 Queue (500-1000 depending on the torrents)
20 Queue (~1000)
30 Queue (1300)
40 Queue (1600)
All in KB/s.  So please, I'd like to focus on my actual problem currently.  Random Write is an extremely easy problem to fix so I'd like to NEVER talk about it ever while talking about this subject.
Edit: I can't make a new post but 
@ PiusX
Thanks for the time to reply.  However, this is NOT relevant to the question I'm asking.  Your reply is based on being torrent specific.  That would be nice if I cared about the speed of 1 torrent.  However, I'm not looking at the speeds of which any torrent is downloading nor do I care how fast any particular torrent goes.  The ONLY thing I care about is capping out my bandwidth or getting as close to it as possible.  So if 1 torrent can't go fast, I'd like to know just how many I can add.
It is extremely helpful if we keep this thread on topic as I only have ONE post a day and wasting it reexplaining the objective of this thread wastes all of our time.  
To make it abundantly clear: I Will NOT ADDRESS these topics as it's not relevant to me and it wastes my 1 post a day:
Read/Write Speed
Individual Torrent Speed (I have thousands of torrents why in god's name would I want to talk about the speed of 1 torrent download?)
Leave these out of this thread.
I have a RAID Array, thanks for asking.  I've spent about $10,000? so far on my home theater setup from servers to TVs to Audio equipment which I custom built myself, to my torrent server.  
I SPECIFICALLY asked to leave Random Read/Write Speed out of this topic.  I have bolded where I requested it.  Any assistance you can provide that is NOT related to Random Read speed is appreciated Dread.  If you have anything to say related to Random Read speed please keep it to yourself as it is not relevant to the topic at hand.  You are the one in fact ignoring me, the person asking for help.  I'm asking for your help, I've stated the things that are NOT factors, if you could help me within the context of my situation it would be GREATLY appreciated.  Stating things that aren't relevant for me wastes your time replying, and my time reading it.  It doesn't help either of us.  I'd appreciate your expertise given my situation.  Thank you.
If you could ALSO explain why you KEEP bringing up random read speed despite the MULTIPLE times I requested it not to be brought up that would be great.  It's really inconvenient for a user requesting help on a forum that only lets you post ONCE a day to have to continually talk about something they said NOT to talk about on the FIRST line of this post which I have linkedhttp://forum.utorrent.com/topic/100874-maxing-out-my-bandwidth-by-whatever-means-necessary/#entry510516.  If you're going to ignore the CORE factors of this post, then there is no way I can get any help from you.  Random Read is NOT an issue.  I don't know how many times it has to be said.
Maybe my question is confusing I will restate it again:
Ignoring ALL hardware bottlenecks, assuming I have a lot of low seeded torrents, what's the best way to most effectively download all of them.  There are over 1000 torrents to download, I'd like to set an effective concurrent download limit.  Thank you.
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Your DN/UP on torrent is based on the seeders and file availablility and expecting to get faster won't happen unless there more of the same file out there to increase DN/UP speeds. Now if everyone has FiBER 100Gigabit conections DN/UP will be no problem but in this world nothing is equal and expecting others to have your speed is ludicrous to think so.

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You're going to hit operating system performance limits long before you max your upload speed.

You're struggling to get above about 1-2mbyte/sec because you're trying to ignore factors that I've already told you ARE factors.

I said nothing about write speed.

Random Read speed on everything that isn't a solid state drive or well-deployed RAID array will typically cap out at about 1-2mbyte/sec.

If you're going to insist on ignoring the core factors that are going to directly affect your ability to even come close to your connection's potential, you're not going to get any help.

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I don't know how else to reword this question to you DreadWingKnight that you'll understand it.

Don't worry about my hardware.  It's not your business, assume my hardware is fine because it's an expensive setup so yes it's fine.

Lets focus on the software, which is what I have questions about and what this forum is about!


My question is specifically this.  If I have bandwidth available, can I add another torrent to my queue until I don't see benefits?


IGNORE any bottleneck not associated with the software, it's not relevant to the topic at hand as I've taken care of those problems and that's not my question!


Hopefully, that makes the question more clear!  Thanks again for your help.  

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