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supertorrents tracker showing some error


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Hi all,

There had been power outage at my place & instead of the UPS kicking in the machine re-started. After windows checked the C:\ drive it gave me the desktop. I started running utorrent 1.6.1 RC1 & as usual whenever something like this happens, utrorent started checking the half-way downloaded .torrent file. It had gone something like 58% when by mistake I clicked on it & it resumed downloading. Although I'm being able to download the file as had added the peer but otherwise the tracker shows an error. Can somebody tell what the issue is & how can I fix it?


Time Elapsed: 1h 32m Remaining: 2h 45m Share Ratio: 0.000

Downloaded : 20.1 MB Download Speed: 6.3 kB/s (avg. 3.7 kB/s) Down Limit:

Uploaded : 0.0 kB Upload Speed: 0.0 kB/s (avg. 0.0 kB/s) Up Limit:

Seeds:1 of 1 connected (2 in swarm) Peers:0 of 2 connected (1 in swarm)Wasted: 0.0 kB (hashfails)


passkey is not being shared :)

Tracker Status: Tracker sending invalid data: d1:failure reason74:Connection limit exceeded! You may only leech from one location at a time.e.

Update In: 13:01

DHT Status:

Will be cross-posting the same issue in supertorrents forum. So in either cases if somebody can come up with something. Thnxin advance.

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