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I very often have a torrent I must get right now. 

I can't wait for the 20 or so 4gb downloads before it to finish.


Currently in your app, the only way to make the targeted torrent the

first and only torrent downloading is to.  


"Right Click" on the Torrent, Select the "Force Start" option.


After that, I then have to "Right Click" "Stop" on any other torrent that

running or tries to start running.


I have to keep stopping other torrents from starting entire time while waiting

for the Priority torrent to finish.  


After my priority torrent finishes, I then have to go into the "Downloading" select

all the torrents I stopped and select start again.. So they are once again Queued.



I could use Pause a torrent... 

I have No idea what this feature does... it does not seem to pause anything.

I could use the Move up Queue feature.. but this only moves a torrent one place per click..

that sucks when the Item you just added is 80t!!!!


The Priority Feature should stop all other torrents until the Priority torrent is done then return the torrent queue back to operation..



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