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Seeding problems


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Hi guys!

I apologise; I'm new to UTorrent and I'm trying to sort my uploading to downloading ratios out as I hate leeching!

I have my downloading torrents in one folder, and the finished torrents in another folder, which is fine temporarily after I've finished downloading and they seed happily.

However; due to disk space considerations, I move the finished torrents to other partitions pretty quickly.

What I want to do is seed from the new folders they're in, but things are in different folders and definitely not in the normal UTorrent Torrent folder.

I tried just opening the torrent and setting to seed, but it couldn't find the files

How can I get it to pick up the file from anywhere on my disk?

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OK, that worked fine, I can't believe I didn't think of that!

Next problem though; If I start a torrent that I'd previously downloaded, so I can seed it, it always comes up as 99.9% after the check, and I have to spend some time downloading it before I can seed it.

Any ideas?

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