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Often Torrent Will Not Start Unless I Stop It and Restart


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What setup guide did you follow to configure uTorrent?


Dread, I have been using uTorrent for years and years, and only in the last year has this happened. When I update or install the next version, it simply uses the former version's configuration.


Where might I look for where this conflict is occurring...in the configuration setting of my current uTorrent?


Thanks for the reply

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Will do, thanks I will report back




Ok, I did that, and the problem persists, I can definitely work with it, but it's strange. This time I added but one torrent (no others running) and I had to "stop" the torrent, and do a "force recheck" and then it started downloading like gangbusters.


This seems to happen mostly when within that single torrent there are multiple files DLin, like this one is a book with many chapters (MP3s)

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