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Consider before downloading El Capitan


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Apple is working to reduce bit torrent services running on Macs, which makes sense due to their unveiling of Apple Music. Apple Music is their effort to take over the failing recording industry (see the documentary "Artifact" featuring 30 Seconds To Mars) and funnel all recorded music through their iTunes store, which gives them complete control over its distribution. Once they control the industry and shift the music to sell primarily through their iTunes store, they have control over what music we own and will slowly try to rid our libraries of music not purchased from them. If you look online, you'll see hundreds of threads reporting missing albums after OS and iTunes upgrades. I've experienced this myself. Obviously everything we buy through iTunes will also be linked to our Apple ID which makes music sharing difficult for the non-tech savvy (99% of the population).


Where this concerns El Capitan is this: When I first installed Yosemite, uTorrent gave me an error and failed to run. The fix was to go to: System Preferences>>Security & Privacy>>General>>select "Allow apps downloaded from anywhere".


With El Capitan however, this fix does not work and I think we'll see a rash of threads about this when El Capitan has it's official release. This "upgrade" also f***** my iTunes library beyond recognition BTW. After a few hours of trying to fix it, I finally restored my system to Yosemite from a backup I had and everything returned to normal, including uTorrent.


Here's the error I got with El Capitan:




I'm not a conspiracy theorist (does this forum have a philosophy section?) :), just someone who knows how corporate america operates. To me, there's no difference between downloading music from a bit torrent service and burning a CD from a friend. Downloading a movie digitally is no different than putting scotch tape over the slot on a VHS tape so you could record it. Now that music is digitally transferred over the web, we will never listen to music as freely as we did when we borrowed an album from a friend and played it in an offline device.


Anyway, just be sure uTorrent will work with El Capitan before you download it, hope I saved you guys from the frustrating hours I spent dealing with all of this.

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