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My download speed is extremely slow.


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A few days ago I had Windows 7 and uTorrent was working perfect, my download speed on the torrent was 1.5 Mbps and I was running uTorrent version 3.2.2. I recently wiped my HDD and installed Windows 10 and then I installed the newest version of uTorrent. I tried downloading a torrent and my download speed would not exceed 1 Kbps. I called my ISP and asked about whether they were speed capping any ports or throttling my internet speed and they said that they weren't. I tried everything to increase my download speed and nothing worked. I also have a 15 MB download speed and 2 MB upload speed from my ISP.

Can someone please help me?









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No it did not even start downloading even when connected to seeds and peers. I even used the setup guide to configure uTorrent and it's still not working. When I had an older version I never even used the setup guide, it worked perfectly. It's only since I updated to this new version that it's been giving these problems.


Also I have to wait a whole day to reply, which is just prolonging my problem as I can't solve it.

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