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uTorrent main windows is not shown...


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Hi eveyone!

I was using uTorrent 1.5 without any problems for a while. But, now I cannot show the main windows. When I right-click the uTorrent icon at the system tray, there is an option called "Hide/show uTorrent" at the top of mene, right? When I click it, the main window is supposed to be displayed and it had been displayed. But, it's not displayed anymore. But, "uTorrent 1.5" is displayed in the task bar (like it's minimized). I tried to maximize it, but nothing happened. So, uTorrent is running, but I cannnot control it without accessing to its main window.

It would be greatly appreciated if you can tell me what I should try to solve this problem.


PS I tried a newer version (1.6 beta), but the problem was still there...

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