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Criminal Mischief in Videos


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I dont know if its only me who's facing this but hell I'll post anyway. 


Believe me if you want, dont if you dont want to. I am doing this as a warning to all who dont know and looking for those who may haved faced the same problem.


The problem isnt with utorrent but the whole of torrents and streaming sites themselves, hence I'm posting here.


I love Kdramas and movies. I watch them and have been doing so for sometime. Kdramas I only started a few months ago and quit recently after a certain incident.


I would stream kdrama from online sites and did so without a hitch. No problems at all. A few weeks ago I came across this kdrama (wont link here because I dont know if sites rules allow that kinda content or not) that I started watching immediately. It was all good until I heard this blast of high pitched tone in my ears like someone was driving a knife through them, I thought it was me, but then I paused the video and it went away. I tested it over and over again and I made certain infact that the high pitched sound was coming through the video and at a certain point of it. I thought I could put up with it, bad choice, because only after half a minute of doing so I realized it was physically hurting and a nerve on my head was pumping like crazy, the ringing sound continued to stay with me all day though. I immediately quit that video. I also went to another site to test the source/alternate stream/if problem related to somehow the site (sound started halfway through the video) and found that it was even worse over there.


Now I made absolutely certain that it was infact coming from the video because the stabbing pain would stop when I paused the video and it wasnt like this for any other video, just that one and I never had again until another week later.


I was watching another kdrama and it was all good for the first few eps, then it went nuts and started again. I checked again and it was definitely which was making the sound. I quit kdramas that day.


Now just yesterday, I downloaded a movie (south korean) on the torrent, and to my horror found the same thing again. I quit again. Mind you this problem does not happen randomly in any way and I made sure to check that it only happens for these certain videos at certain points.


Its like someone is releasing these videos and encoding them with extremely high pitched sound to harm hearing. Dont mean to be biased, but after hearing all those horror stories about psychopathy being common in South Korea, this seems kinda obvious.


I just want to  know if I'm not alone in this, because if for some reason I am, then thats even worse. hence I'll try to inform as many people as I can about this, because those who use headphones to listen (like 90% do) are like sitting ducks to such an attack (if it is so, maybe some glitch in the audio encoding but shit is too loud, too long and too painful). 


If this is something that is common and can be fixed by some simple VLC plugin or any setting please tell me. If you feel that reading this was a waste of time and I shouldn't have posted this here feel free to swear at me but just whatever you do if you hear a high pitched sound in any of the new releases, and you use headphones be sure to take them off at least once to check if its coming from the video. 

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